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Aspiring authors have often come to me asking how it’s possible to write honestly, while at the same time, not being afraid of their own words and what others think of them. I understand the struggle of speaking your truth. I’m afraid of the first series I wrote to this day — even though it’s long been published. My standalone book, on the other hand, I have no issues promoting, though the subject matter is ten times more uncomfortable.

Why is that?

I had previously attributed my fear to the fact that my first series has some cringe-worthy scenes of…

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I first started writing on Medium in the summer of 2019 (June 2019, to be exact). It took writing only two articles before I realized if I was ever to make any money doing this, I would have to invest a bit and go all-in on what at the time was Medium’s brand new budding Partner Program. I wrote what would come to be my most popular post the very same month I first registered for the Partner Program, but I would only begin to reap the benefits of this post nearly a year after I wrote it.

Why is…


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I recently received a comment on one of my posts in my Intro to MBTI Stories series: You Probably Have the Wrong Idea About Myers-Briggs that gave me an idea for a full post on this subject (thank you, thoughtful commenter!).

The commenter brought up a common misconception people have about the four introverted cognitive functions (i.e. Ni, Si, Fi, and Ti), and which of these functions are actually perceiving and which are actually judging functions. …


Online magazines with issues that repeat

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The following is a list of recurring publications in the horror genre, for anyone who is interested in submitting.

I also have a list of upcoming horror publications you can submit to for one-time calls for submissions.

Check out the video version of this list:

[Most recently updated: April 2021]

The Dark Magazine

Publication Name: The Dark Magazine
Recurs: Monthly
Submission Type: Online magazine
Genre: Horror and dark fantasy
Submission Length: 2,000–6,000 words
Submission Status: Must not be published elsewhere
Number of Submissions: Only one at a time
Payment: 0.06¢ (USD) per word
Special Notes:
Don’t be afraid to experiment or to deviate from…


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The following is a list of upcoming publications in the horror genre, for anyone who is interested in submitting.

I also have a list of online horror magazines you can submit to with issues that are published anywhere from monthly to twice a year.

Check out the video version of this list for a few tips on submitting to publications:

The list is in order of deadline coming up first.

[Most recently updated: April 2021]

Sinister Smile Press: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Series

Deadline: April 7th, 2021
Publication Name: Sinister Smile Press
Submission Type: Anthology
Genre: Slasher, stalker, serial killer crime horror fiction (E.g. Dexter, Mind Hunters, Bates Motel, etc.)


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Introduction to the 8 cognitive functions

The EXTROVERTED perceiving functions — Ne and Se

  • Ne (Extroverted Intuition) → novel idea generation and brainstorming, expands out from an idea, from one to many; a creative function that looks at possibilities in the external world.
  • Se (Extroverted Sensing) → takes in and evaluates information from the concrete present moment, the here and now; uses the senses to take in information about the physical world.

The INTROVERTED perceiving functions — Ni and Si

  • Ni (Introverted Intuition) → connects existing ideas, narrows down many ideas to formulate conclusions, uses pieces of ideas to build a map in the mind; future-focused and big-pictured analyses.
  • Si (Introverted Sensing) → studies flashbacks and evaluates tried-and-true methods, routines, and rules…


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No matter where you first heard of it— whether you stumbled on a strange test after browsing psychology for hours on the internet, or whether your friend sent you a link out of the blue of that very same strange test that they had insisted you take (while claiming it to be “scarily accurate”), or whether your company forced you to take the test when you were hired for that job where you had to work with people — you have probably at some point been roped into taking the MBTI test online.

But if it’s just the test you…

The Freewrite 2nd Gen (left) and the Freewrite Traveler (right) with Astrohaus’ Edgar Allan Poe screensaver; (photos taken by author)

NOTE: If you have already come to the conclusion that a Freewrite device is suitable for your writing needs and you’re just not sure which one to get, you have come to the right place. However, if you are still contemplating whether a Freewrite would be worth it for you, check out my previous post about this subject: Are Freewrite Devices Actually Right for You? It might help you determine whether you are the type of writer who would benefit from a distraction-free device.

Now that Astrohaus has two different devices available for buyers to purchase: the original Freewrite (2nd…

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The release of Astrohaus’ brand new device the Freewrite Traveler has many writers and productivity hackers flocking to see what all the hype is about.

The small company Astrohaus started its journey backed by the crowd on Indiegogo, aiming to fill a market with a more modern version of the simple and cheap, yet effective, AlphaSmart products. For those who are not yet familiar with this nifty set of devices, the AlphaSmart is a brand of word processor that was created in the early 90s to help children and adults learn to type. …

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Being a writer means writing is my passion. And as a fiction writer, there’s nothing else I would rather be doing with my time than weaving together intricate plots in my mind, creating colourful settings and lively relatable characters, and then putting them to the page in an artistic collaboration of printed text. So naturally, I want to spend as much time as possible doing exactly that, and less time doing other things such as marketing, editing, proofreading, advertising, designing, and dealing with all the extra things in between. …

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