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Robin Nemesszeghy enjoys weaving elements of the fantastical into realistic settings and exploring the complexities of the human mind. Living a stone’s throw away from a quiet wooded cemetery and park, when she’s not writing, you can often find her wandering the area and dreaming up her next big adventure.

Literary Journals & Anthologies

Short pieces published in literary journals and anthologies




Published books

  • The Boathouse (2020) — standalone psychological suspense horror with supernatural elements
  • Scientist & Girl Series (2021) — series of 3 books in a young adult dark fantasy action-adventure, published along with a prequel book to the series and a choose your own story teaser book of the first book in the series
  • Hear No Evil (2022) — standalone dark psychological body horror-thriller with supernatural elements [CURRENTLY ACCEPTING ARC READERS, CHECK IT OUT IF THIS INTERESTS YOU]

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Newspapers & Other Publications

Short pieces published in newspapers and other publications


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Robin Nemesszeghy

Little Red Bird, flitting around to deliver words to the page | Creative Thinker & Writer | MBTI Specialist | Join me ⤵️