Self-Publish Your Book Full Service with Little Red Bird Publishing

We take your manuscript from first draft to published book — guaranteed

Robin Nemesszeghy
6 min readJan 5


What Is Full Service Self-Publishing?

When you just want to write and that’s it.

✔️Do you just want to write and have someone else take care of the editing and publishing process for you?

✔️Would you rather spend your valuable time creating stories and weaving tales than being bogged down by the minute details?

✔️Are you unsure about the publishing process — cover design, editing, blurb writing, interior formatting, or Amazon book distribution?

✔️Would you like to have your book in hands and on bookshelves, on devices and playing through earbuds?

Then read on! This full service option might be what you’re looking for.

Why Choose Little Red Bird Publishing?

Here are just a few reasons why we can help you put your book out there.

1. We know the process inside and out

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Our own books have gone through the same rigorous process, along with the books of our other clients! We navigate through the self- publishing minefield with our own creations, so we understand and empathize with you.

2. We don’t take any royalties

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You pay us a one-time fee and that’s it. No hidden costs, no add-on fees, not ever. Once your book is published, it’s all yours…



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