Upcoming Horror Publications You Can Submit to Today

Contests, online magazines, anthologies for horror flash fiction

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The following is a list of upcoming publications in the horror genre, for anyone who is interested in submitting.

I also have a list of online horror magazines you can submit to with issues that are published anywhere from monthly to twice a year.

Check out the video version of this list for a few tips on submitting to publications:

The list is in order of deadline coming up first.

[Most recently updated: April 2021]

Sinister Smile Press: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor Series

Deadline: April 7th, 2021
Publication Name: Sinister Smile Press
Submission Type: Anthology
Genre: Slasher, stalker, serial killer crime horror fiction (E.g. Dexter, Mind Hunters, Bates Motel, etc.)
Submission Length: 5,000–10,000 words
Submission Status: Must not be published elsewhere
Number of Submissions: Multiple allowed, but only one will be published per volume
Release Date: September 2021
Payment: $40 (USD) per story; free paperback copy of the anthology; access to buy author copies of paperback and hardcover editions at publisher’s cost
Special Notes:
Volume 2 submissions must feature a female antagonist (slasher, serial killer, stalker, etc.); NOT looking for stories with supernatural elements.

Parsec Ink’s Short Story Contest

Deadline: April 15th, 2021
Publication Name: Parsec Ink
Submission Type: Themed contest
Theme: “Still Waters, Deep Thoughts”
SciFi, fantasy, horror
Submission Length: 3500 words max
Submission Status: Must not be published elsewhere
Eligibility: Non-professional writers; non-previous winners
Number of Submissions: Max 2 submissions
Payment: First place $200; second place $100; third place $50
Special Notes:
The theme must be integral to the story in some way; can be conveyed in the setting, plot, characters, dialogue.

The Grey Rooms Season 4

Deadline: April 18th, 2021
Publication Name: The Grey Rooms
Submission Type: Anthology podcast
Genre: Any kind of horror, but the character must die at the end
Submission Length: 2500–3500 words
Submission Status: Must not be published elsewhere
Payment: $25 (USD) per story
Special Notes:
Must be horror, but the tone can be of another genre (i.e. mystery, Sci-Fi, fantasy, romance, etc.).

Cryptids Emerging: Tales of Dark Cheer

Deadline: May 1st, 2021
Publication Name: Horror Tree
Submission Type: Anthology
Theme: Dark cheer (rising, changing, growing — emerging)
A strange, spooky, alluring, sweet, and/or funny story of a cryptid emerging, in any genre
Submission Length: up to 5,000 words
Payment: 0.05¢ (USD) per word
Special Notes:
The story should NOT have violence, pain, or misery front and center. It should follow the theme of dark cheer: creepy but kind, eerie but elegant; generally-positive stories of weird beings coming into their own.

Classic Monsters Unleashed

Submission Period: April 8th — May 30th, 2021
Publication Name: Black Spot Books and Crystal Lake Publishing
Submission Type: Anthology
Theme: Bring back the classic monsters
Genre: Monster mash, creature feature, classical monsters
Submission Length: 1000–5000 words
Submission Status: Must not be published elsewhere
Number of Submissions: One
Release Date: December 2021
Payment: 0.07¢ (USD) per word
Special Notes:
Looking for dark, scary stories featuring classic monsters (think famous creatures from pre-1960 horror movies); prefer new angles that subvert or re-imagine the monster; NOT looking for general monster types (e.g. cyclops, bigfoot, dragon); ALSO looking for slush readers.

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