Reading Challenge: They Say Your Book’s First Lines Should Grab the Reader’s Attention

Did mine grab yours? You tell me

Robin Nemesszeghy
4 min readFeb 27, 2022


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Rank the First Lines — Reading Challenge

Are you up for the reading challenge? Rank the first lines of the following books in order of most to least engaging and let me know your order in the comments below!

The following are the first lines from all my books. I’ve omitted the titles so the first lines could be all that you judge the story by.

I hope you find at least one among them that grabs your attention!

Opening #1:

“Birds and cars, shrill screams and thunder. The sharp sounds of the morning are always the worst. I stare out onto the concrete yard, shielding my eyes from the sun. Suburbia at war with my senses. If I press my ears up to the glass, I can hear the soft sizzle of delicate wings burning in the black tar as unfortunate beetles get too close to the rising heat waves. I close my eyes and listen.”

Opening #2:

“The car lurched forward as it advanced across the gravel barrier. The terrain shifted from connected pavement to loose grit. This was true wilderness. That was Sam’s first thought as she and Sav crossed the



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