The Veritas Newspaper Publications: Human Nature — Part I

Story excerpt for the January issue

Robin Nemesszeghy
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The Veritas — front cover of the January issue (Photo taken by author)

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NOTE: I have made no changes or edits to the below text; it remains as it was when it was published back in 2012. Also, keep in mind I wrote this back when I was in high school, so it may not be reflective of how I currently write.

January Issue Story Excerpt

The Veritas — story excerpt for the January Issue — Human Nature: Part I

Human Nature — Part I

I continue to pace and check my watch every few minutes. I can’t sit down or I’ll fall asleep, and that would be bad, so I continue pacing. It’s almost one o’clock, but it feels like I’ve been waiting here all night. When will the wolf show up already? Every second builds my nerves up more until I’m about to explode. Every movement, every rustling branch and shadow is a werewolf, creeping through the trees, getting ready to lunge at me. I shine around with the flashlight every second, feeling like I’m about to go crazy with anticipation and fear. And to think that there might not even be a werewolf. I wish Doc could have been here with me, but I know when the werewolf comes — if the werewolf comes — he’ll see Doc with me and his cover will be blown.

Remy keeping her enraged eyes locked on me this whole time doesn’t really help the situation. I can’t help but notice the difference between Remy in human form, and in werewolf form. How can someone not say that they are two different creatures? How can people who know Remy say this is the same person? Person, this is not a person; it’s an animal. It can’t just be a disease; it’s something more.

But Doc’s never been wrong before.

In the next second, a shadow leaps into the clearing from behind the mausoleum and lands across from me. I…



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