National Post: Letters to the Editor

I submitted a letter in response to one of the articles in the Canadian National Post. The article depicts an event at Queen’s University where women cheerleaders are upside down in a row with men using their buttocks as drums.

The following is the letter I wrote that was published in the Post:

Back in the early 1900s, women struggled to be treated as persons. In today’s society, how can we raise men to be respectful of women and to treat them properly if behaviour like that exhibited in this photo is encouraged, where males at Queen’s University are gleefully “patting the bottoms of inverted female cheerleaders”? When men are brought up with these images of women, they think that it’s OK to do whatever they please with females. If we continue down this road, all the advancements and rights women have gained will go to waste.

— Robin Nemesszeghy, Grade 12, Toronto

The following is a photo taken of the Letter to the Editor section of the newspaper where my letter can be found along with all the other letter responses to the article:



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Robin Nemesszeghy

Robin Nemesszeghy

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