My Journey to 100 Followers

I know how hard it can be to reach that initial 100

Robin Nemesszeghy
4 min readNov 12, 2021


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I’ve been a writer on here since 2019, yet I only recently reached my first 100 followers. Needless to say, progress has been slow. But then again, I haven’t always been the most consistent writer (until this month), so I haven’t expected my growth to come fast either.

How useful a metric is follower count?

The other day I came across a post from a writer with 1500+ followers. They revealed how much they earn in a month. I was surprised to learn their earnings were only twice what I earn in a month with my current 150+ follower count. How could this be?

This just goes to show that follower count may not be an accurate metric to determine how much a writer earns or how many people are actually engaging with their posts, which is what leads to those earnings.

Follower count may be a way to increase possible exposure to your writing — more people are informed when you publish a new post — but it doesn’t guarantee everyone will read or engage with your work. It also doesn’t guarantee the quality of your work. Read time, number of readers, claps, highlights, and comments — these are all direct contributors to your earnings. Followers give you more opportunity for these things to occur, but don’t guarantee it.

I’ve gotten comments on my YouTube channel from people wondering why I don’t have more subscribers than I do.

Followers help with exposure

I know how it feels to lack the exposure you need to find your audience. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m not a natural marketer. I’ve had to learn what marketing skills I do possess. Some people are naturals at this. But it also takes time and consistent effort. It takes perseverance and improvement, trial and error. Some people are instant viral hits, while for others it takes time to build up an audience or readership. I’ve been enjoying the process every step of…



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