Four Ways Director Ari Aster Creates Brilliant Movies

**Spoiler Alert!**

1. The trailers of Aster’s movies are ingeniously vague and misleading

Hereditary Trailer
Midsommar Trailer

2. Aster is a master at portraying family grief

Grieving mother in Hereditary
Mother grieving her loss in Hereditary
Peter grieving for his sister in Hereditary
Dani grieving for her sister and parents in Midsommar

3. Aster combines images of beauty and terror seamlessly

The folkloric beauty of Midsommar
The semi-disturbing murals of Midsommar
The dollhouse mini-model version of one of the most horrific scenes in Hereditary

4. Aster escalates horror like no other

When the Americans first meet the cult members
Peter in shock along with us viewers
Prior to the plunge

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