Cosmic Fusion’s New Feature Update Is Kicking up an Astrological Storm in The Cosmos

While rivaling The Pattern’s offerings

Robin Nemesszeghy
7 min readNov 24, 2022


Astrology lover? Curious about the cosmos? Then you can’t miss this new feature update from the spectacular Cosmic Fusion — the app that merges Chinese Zodiac with Western Astrology.

This relatively new but powerful Astrology companion’s new feature additions now have the entire app rivaling the offerings of the mysterious app that Channing Tatum had been so shocked over a couple of years ago (you can read more about that in the post The Pattern: The App That Will Lead You to Question Whether You Are Truly in Control of Your Own Life).

Not familiar with Cosmic Fusion yet? Check out my introductory post on this wonderful and uplifting Astrology app:

My friends and I spent a good deal of time this past week using Cosmic Fusion’s new features. I looked up my friend’s compatibility with her new date, upon her request. We read over our profiles and checked how we would match up with our favorite celebrities. As a Leo Wood 🪵 Dog 🐶, I was also able to find the types that I am most compatible with — which were spot-on, as usual.

Cosmic Fusion — app opening screen (

I find this app to be very intriguing — it draws you in with its mystery and accuracy. It also makes you feel good with its uplifting way of saying:

“You are you, and that’s a good thing”.

It fosters a message of self-acceptance that just makes you feel good about who you are and your type’s preferences. You don’t have to change to align with someone or to…



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